10 Easy Ways You Can Alter Your Social Media Accounts

...With potential employers in mind.

Nowadays companies are increasingly advertising job offers on their social platforms. And recruiters are checking candidates’ online presence almost automatically during the interview process. Here are a few steps to optimize your chances of being offered an interview, thanks to your polished image on social media:


1. Take a flattering photo of yourself

The profile photo is your shop window and you might want it to be neutral or even professional. Avoid drunken or crazy photos that will discourage employers from hiring you. Be picky with your profile photo: Select good lighting, ensure you are well groomed (light make-up/trimmed beard), wear smart clothes, and avoid duck faces at all costs!



2. Use different accounts to show several assets  

Use LinkedIn to build your CV, write valuable articles about your field, like and share industry knowledge posted by businesses and ensure your network and experience are up to date.

Your recruiter/potential employer is then highly likely to check your Facebook page for any inconsistencies. Make your profile as private as you like, but remember on most privacy settings your profile and cover photos are still visible. So it’s essential to ‘view as public’ and just check for anything inappropriate such as strong/abusive language, documented illegal behaviour, any negative comments to/about previous employers etc.

When it comes to Twitter, use it to speak about news and culture, share your views on podcasts or TV shows you enjoy, and network with people of interest.

If you have an artistic side build a Pinterest account with what you like and what inspires you. You could even use Fancy or Behance, social platforms geared towards creativity. YouTube is a great platform to discuss issues and demonstrate your talents. Show them to your friends or a forum for feedback and then upload them!

If music is your passion, utilise the streaming channels like Spotify, Soundcloud and Deezer to create your playlists and share your favorites songs across your social channels. On your travels or in day to day life, make use of Instagram to gather your most beautiful experiences and memories in photos. Don’t forget that employers are looking as much for a great personality, as they are for a skilled candidate.


3. Be consistent

Try to use the same profile image and the same username on the different channels that you are using. Thus your connections will be able to find you from an account to another one and discover your different worlds (unless you have purposefully separated them, possibly using an alias). Develop a brand image that speaks to people about your personality. List what you think makes you unique, and transpose your identity through your curation of shared content and personal posts. A consistent profile will make you appear trustworthy or even look like an expert in your field, adding to your credibility - a bonus!

4. Be selective

Once you’ve developed and cultivated a brand image stick with it. Of course you should tend to and evolve it as you change, learn and experience life. But do not share absolutely everything you like, make deliberate choices. Even if this hilarious video of a failed wedding proposal makes you belly laugh, ask yourself “If I share this, who will see it? Is it controversial? Does it fit my personal brand?”


5. Be curious

Don’t be shy to track and monitor other accounts. Keep an eye on the accounts of people who inspire you and that you see as a model, like a charismatic managing director, a famous entrepreneur, a successful old classmate. But don’t go too crazy with your investigation by checking the same account a hundred times on LinkedIn when you know the person will see it – it can be embarrassing…


6. Try to be regular

You don’t have to be active on your channels everyday. It’s time consuming and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be on it before bed. This does no favours for your sleep because of the effect blue light has on our brains.

But you can always have a timeline browse for 5-10 minutes during your commute or waiting for an appointment and share an article or video, answer a comment, etc. Try to be mindful of what you are doing and how you go about sharing it.

An example of best practise is to take a photo of the book you are reading and post it with a comment on why it gets you motivated going to work. Or tag the theater where you spent your Saturday evening and give feedback. Your network might interact and give you suggestions for future reference. Also discussing it online will help you remember it and it’s a great type of appropriate personal conversation topics you can draw on during an interview, that will make you look cultured and well-rounded to the employer.


7. Keep yourself informed and become technical

Be on the look out for the new social channels that appear and the technologies you can use within it. It can be an added value regarding the type of job you have or position that you are seeking. The use of internet features may come naturally to you, especially if you are a millennial. However it is important to acknowledge these skills on your CV, that you take for granted and keep on top of trends in technologies that businesses are using, in order to keep track and differentiate yourself from other candidates.


8. Get involved     

There are forums and discussion boards for every topic concerning a variety of industries. You can be an active member of these conversations, learning from your peers and those more experienced. Showing your confidence by commenting on these topics will be attributed to leadership skills and demonstrating that you know how to express yourself. Engaging with companies by directing a question or query at them, shows alertness, interest and develops your communication skills.


9. Networking

Stay in touch with your former employers, colleagues and classmates. Your social channels are a priceless tool for professional opportunities. You can easily be referred by someone of your social network to your dream company, if you keep in touch with the right people. Also, be that person that connects others with their perfect opportunities. For example, support someone struggling to find an accommodation in a town where you know someone by putting them in contact. Your gesture will be appreciated and people will help you out when you most need it!


10. Give details

Fully complete your profiles with your work experiences, display your skills and interests in order to be found through search engines. Even if you already have a job, you might like to be approached for a role which perfectly matches your personal interest. Optimise your online presence, manage your online reputation, be active in order to driving traffic to your page. Also, never forget to ask for a referral and recommendations!