3 Reasons Setting Objectives Will Help You

Imagine that you have to cook a weeknight dinner for five friends. You know that it will require a lot of energy after work to execute this. But your objective is to have a great night and that drives your motivation for doing it. It’s the same at the office, during your job search or with any activities which require effort, the simplest way to succeed is to visualise your result.

Goal: Don’t dream it, do it!

Objective 1: In order to realise your dream, you must take small steps to get there.

Setting objectives will help you manage these steps and ensure they will continue to guide you to your goal. To get there you are required to believe in yourself, work hard, be resilient, and always remain positive.

If your dream job is to be journalist, but you do not hold the appropriate qualifications to be employed as such, think about plan B. First, try to find a job in Communications or Editorial where you can practice your copywriting skills. Then start a blog in your spare time where you will cultivate your knowledge and discuss relevant issues. Also meet with journalists at conferences and build your network. Finally, you should consider becoming a freelance journalist once your blog starts generating constructive interactions.

In other words, climb to the top, step by step. Just keep listening to your intuition and when you're invaded by self-questioning, take a step back, close your eyes and visualise your objective.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Goal: Evolve into a stronger version of yourself.

Objective 2: Rise to the challenge of rejection.

By pursuing your dreams, you will sometimes stumble along the way and it’s fine. Always remember that there are options, different paths and maybe longer but successful ways to accomplishment.

For example, Jack Ma is the Chairman of Alibaba, the e-commerce company which is now valued at $28.5billion. Before he became the richest man in China, he applied for a job at KFC along with 23 other people. He was the only person rejected. If you are persistent you will become stronger, reducing your chances of being affected by failures.

The reason why successful people shine in achieving their objectives is because they have a special ability to focus. For example, Steve Jobs didn’t waste his time making futile decisions so he dressed in the same clothes everyday. A bit extreme don’t you think? But this habit built his brand image and participated in his mystification.

In fact, pursuing objectives develop our capability to concentrate. It’s an exponential strength that helps us to do things differently, think outside the box, become larger-than-life and not listen to judgments. Focusing on achieving objectives allows you to frame your experience and forge your personality. Getting experience under your belt is invaluable and gives you peace of mind, knowing you have relevant know-how. Make sure to welcome arising skills and enjoy overcoming challenges with serenity.

Goal: Become the oak tree in your community, not the dead wood.

Objective 3: Stay consistent, self confident and supportive.

Persistence, focus and experience are the key steps to achieve your objectives and ultimately, they enable you to know yourself better. As a result, you become reliable and valuable for your peers. The most well-known objective as such is certainly raising children. They always seek their parent’s advice because they acknowledge their parents’ life experience. Parents’ recognition are mentioned too little but they have the task of being the roots in their family and it is like managing a business.

Tim Watts, the CEO of Pertemps, started to build business objectives in 1970. He was no more than 19 years old and the company had only one recruitment agency, in Birmingham at that time. He saw his business flourish throughout his objectives. Today, at the end of 2016, his objective is to reach a £1 billion turnover. As a family run business he always put people first and now the board members have more than 20 years of experience within the business. He is greatly respected by his employees for it and his continual objective setting is undeniably the biggest attributer for Pertemps’ prosperity.

Of course we all have different objectives, because our motivations differ but always try to write down your objectives, big or small, with plenty of detail in order to realise them. Be that determined person that people mention when they speak about success!