4 Reasons Why It’s Not Always the Best Idea to Think Big

Okay; so many of you will no doubt have dreamed about working at Facebook, Apple and Google. But it isn’t all about free sweets, nap pods, onsite barbers and worshipping at the shrine of Steve Jobs.

Sure, that all sounds like fun and, if that’s where you eventually end up, good luck to you!

However, for many people, whilst the lure of working for a corporate giant will be appealing, there is also plenty of evidence to suggest that working for a smaller or start-up business will provide even greater opportunity to stamp your mark on the world.

So before throwing all of your eggs into one basket in the hope of landing a plum job at a large company, consider the benefits that a smaller business might be able to give that a big company cannot.

Get noticed

Do you want to be more than just a number? If so, then your achievements are likely to be noticed more when working in smaller teams. And big companies can often mean big teams. If you’re a specialist in a smaller company, chances are your skills will stand out, especially if you’re doing a good job.

Develop new skills

Smaller companies have smaller budgets. This may mean that from time to time your team may feel stretched. But pitching in and picking up jobs that may not be part of your daily duties will be rewarding in the long run and can all be added to your CV. Broaden your skills, gain valuable experience and win the trust of your colleagues all at the same time!

Appreciate teamwork

Your smaller company may not have as big a budget as some of the corporates but what it won’t lack is team-spirit and camaraderie. You only have to look at Leicester City FC to see what that can help you achieve! Make friends that can last a lifetime by working in closer-knit teams and see for yourself the benefits it can bring to your professional life.

Take the lead

Are you a leader or a follower? That’s the question. If you like to show authority, innovation and have confidence in your ability to make a difference then you may be exactly what a smaller business is looking for. The salary may not be so great in the short term but produce those results on a regular basis and your employers will have to reward you or face losing you.

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