5 Clever Tips To Making The Most Of Your Weekend

The weekend only lasts 48 hours and it always seems to fly by. Make sure to get your fill of energy by doing a few, easy but essential activities that will make a world of difference.


1. Get some proper sleep

We’re often so excited to start the weekend, that on Friday evening, we usually stay up later than our normal bedtime. Yes you do deserve some extra time to relax and enjoy yourself, but let’s be honest you are more likely to end up in front of your TV, than soaking up some culture in the trendy part of town.

Skipping your routine, to end up slouching and snoring on the sofa isn’t worth it. If you don’t have any plans Friday night, go to bed at a similar time to the weeknights, and more importantly, wake up at a similar time to weekdays! This will stop you feeling sluggish by the time Monday morning rolls around, but also allows you to make the most of your days off.

2. Laugh

The workload and personal preoccupations that you cumulate during the week will make you tense; yes, even if you’re the chillest of chill! So bless your body and free those constricted muscles with a good laugh. Play with your pet, hang out with friends, brighten someone’s day, or read a funny book.

Sciencey bit: Become aware of your posture, open your chest wide when you laugh and it will increase happiness hormones production and boost your self-confidence.


3. Exercise

If you are naturally a sporty person then go ahead and run, cycle or dance your weekend away and encourage your loved ones to join in! Many jobs nowadays force us to sit all day, increasing our chance of health problems. In between the dodgy weather and commuting times, it can be a struggle to get motivated during the week to be active. So take the opportunity to get out during the weekend, you can simply go to meet your friends by foot instead of taking the bus to the city centre for example. Or plan a day in the countryside and reach a nice spot on a summit to take a picnic. If it’s raining share the cost of hiring an indoor pitch or court with friends to try badminton, squash or basketball.

4. Be creative

A way to stay engaged at work is to be open minded and proactive. But the daily routine can kill your imagination and hide the opportunities available for upskilling and doing more enjoyable things. So it is worth to take the time to do something completely different on the weekend. Try releasing your creative side and experiment with painting, sewing, sculpting, cooking or any artistic activity accessible. It will help you to free your mind and develop your capacity to see beyond your obligations. You will realise there are other ways round the obstacles you face in day to day life. Have fun during the weekend and you will during your week too!


5. Get a massage

Having regular massages is a proven method to reduce blood pressure and increase the sensation of happiness. It’s a certain way to say goodbye to the stress built up during the week. Massages can be quite expensive, especially as a regular destresser, but you don’t need to seek a professional to reap the benefits. Youtube have plenty of videos that teach beginners the basics and you can ask your partner or friend to help you relax. If a massage isn’t your thing, make sure you find time to be alone with meditative music; whether on a gentle walk or in the bath, taking some time out is good for the soul.