5 Phrases To Help You Through A Terrible Time

Being unemployed is hard. Often, people acknowledge the lack of finances associated with it but almost avoid the emotional and mental strain it puts on people. Spending money on outfits, portfolios, and travelling to interviews where you may not even get a call to say you were unsuccessful can break your spirit, never mind your bank account.

So we have some simple steps to keep you on track and bouncing back!

“This too shall pass...”

The greatest thing you can do for your peace of mind is keep things in perspective. It is crucial to remember that your situation will not last forever, especially if you are taking actions to move in a different direction of your life.

Everything hurts the most in the moment, so create a timeline of your life and look at everything you have done before this situation. Reassure yourself that your situation will change and be open to these changes.

List 5 Things For Which You Are Grateful

It is so easy to slip into only seeing the negatives and not appreciating the positives during this time. Make sure to take a walk on a sunny day, spend time with animals that give you comfort, go stargazing, volunteer helping people who need it. These actions will not only make you feel better but give you something to appreciate.

List 5 things every day for which you are grateful. Reflect on these things and you will soon feel different about your situation.


Have Patience

The urgency of your situation to move on can be such a strong force, but if your environment is not co-operating then you become stuck. It is important to wait for the right opportunity and not accept the first thing that comes along, (if it will jeopardise your goal). Visualise what you want and write down how you will get there


Learn From Yourself

If you can take nothing from the experience, see it as having learnt something. Think about how you have conducted yourself up to this point. Is this a true reflection of yourself? Has your situation changed how you look at things? How do you see yourself progressing?

Answer questions like these will give you an idea of how you may have changed and prevent yourself from repeating this behaviour.

Revitalise Yourself

Exhaustion and depression go hand in hand. Although you are not working in a traditional environment that may exhaust you, the emotional rollercoaster of applying for jobs, being considered and possibly being turned down is exhausting. Set aside time to work and time to break; take a bath, call a friend, watch your feel-good TV show, just prevent yourself from burning out.