7 Instant Fixes To Getting The Most Out Of Your Down Time

Author: Mel Calliste-Ozen

Whether your weekend starts on Friday afternoon or on in the middle of your weekday rotational shift, we all want to make the most of it. So we have collected our essential tips, enabling you to make the most out of your downtime.


1. Keep it Regular

Waking up at the same time as you do on weekdays keeps your body in sync (fundamental for Monday morning) and prevents you feeling that sluggish resentment for not having done anything on your weekend because you chose a lie-in.


2. Chores

Get them done asap! Starting your weekend by cleaning and getting the food shop in sounds horrendous, I know. But trust me, that feeling of accomplishment before 11am is worth it...and you won’t have to deal with anything for the rest of the weekend.


3. Meal Plan

It can be a pain being ultra organised but, once you get into the swing of things, deciding what to feed yourself and the family will be a breeze. Prep as much as you can during your designated chore time, so you only have to assemble or heat, to serve. This is the closest thing to a guarantee for saving time and arguments.


4. Go Tech Free

Try it, I dare you. We are constantly on our phones and more often than not, we are being unproductive. Instead of living in other people’s digital lives, go out and live your own. Get some real life escapism by immersing yourself in a project that requires all of your attention. Have a craft morning with the kids or invite your friends over for a ‘Drink & Draw’ and create some masterpieces, whilst hanging out with your nearest and dearest...without a notification in sight.


5. Stay Work Free

If you work in a job where, clocking out at 5 on a Friday afternoon and doing nothing work related until Monday just doesn’t happen; then make sure you allocate time in your weekend to deal with those pesky work problems, but leave it at that. Giving yourself a specific time in which to resolve issues, adds a time pressure and you a likely to complete the task without it bleeding into your other activities. So plan enjoyable pursuits, that force you to keep your timings and remember you have all week to do work stuff.


6. Mid-Week Fun

As someone who has recently transitioned from freelance work to a 9 to 5 job, the evenings fly by me. I feel like I never get anything done, but planning to meet friends and doing self-indulgent things on a weeknight make me feel like I’m not just living for the weekend. So, it is essential to plan things for evenings during the week. A balance of chores and fun things will give you something to look forward between weekends.

7. Plan Next Weekend

Keep an eye on discount apps and websites for affordable experiences and events that you can attend. Getting out of town or experiencing new things always provides you with opportunity to meet new people and make valuable contacts. Most importantly though, you will have fun!


Should our advice work for you, tag us the photos and let us know what you got up to. Now, go forth and max out your weekend!