7 Quick Tricks To Begin An Exceptional Week

Do you work weekdays or over the weekends? Are you one of those who stands up all day or maybe you face a computer 35 hours per week? Do you have a night shift or work during daytime? Whatever your worklife, it can be challenging and stressful. Instead of fighting with your day-to-day tasks, take a step back and consider seven tricks for a brand new week.

1.     Start over and be a lifelong learner (from now)

Doing the same thing over and over at work can narrow your perspectives. Don’t forget to be curious in order to keep your mind active instead of passive. It makes life more exciting and you will make room for more creativity. They are plenty of free sources on the internet or in public libraries to start with.

2.     Let music redefine your mood

Whether you need a boost of energy or to cool down a bit before kick start a fresh week, you can make sure to set your state of mind with music therapy which is renowned to improve physical and mental health.

3.     Copy successful people to become one of them

Many successful people only became successful because they copied others, so don’t be shy - mimic them! Maybe you are obsessed with Jackie Chan’s career or you long for a career like Emma Watson… what do they do in their personal life that brings them so much success? Pursue your model’s goals and be self-confident.

4.     Have a think of the best reasons why you go to work

Yes, it takes some effort to go to work, but don’t forget the good laugh you had with your workmates last week at lunch. Did you not feel proud when you achieved all of your objectives in record time? Also, have you ever thought that your team mates appreciate you as a valued team member?

5.     Become radiant by being a happiness maker

Nothing is better than see friends, family and beloved ones happy. Surprise them; invite some friends to do a paintball session next Wednesday! Or why not take them on at squash on your next day off? Or ask your partner on a date or to the cinema one day of the coming week.

6.     Do nothing, nothing, NOTHING

Do you remember when you were a kid and you could stay doing nothing, not thinking about responsibilities, and just building castles with pillows - just because? Now you have obligations that bother your mind even when you think you’re doing nothing. Time to time, agree a pact with yourself and do nothing, at all. (Only if you’re boss has given you permission mind!)

7.     Cultivate your generosity and be hatefully likeable

Being kind and helpful is a reward in itself and also recompense in terms of relationships. Observe how supportive colleagues are respected and how warm people are appreciated. Consider taking part in acharity activity or simply make “paying attention to others” your number one objective for the coming week. Life is better when we add some positivity.