Here’s how to face the scariest interviews

Do you know what’s worse than a Halloween prank? A scary interview! You can find yourself braindead because of millions of daunting questions, meet with a frightening cold-blooded interviewer or tragically stuck in traffic en route to your big day…

However, if you know how to use your super powers you can face the scariest interviews and come out on top!

You know that you’ll have to answer standard and less usual questions. Make sure you prepare for them and get someone to play the interviewer with you beforehand.

Do your homework by undertaking research on the company and industry. Familiarise yourself with the job description. Identify your strengths and weaknesses for this role. Prepare examples of a situation where you managed to complete a project whilst learning quickly the skills to make a success of it. And finally have a bench of questions ready!

Get organised the day before your interview:

-       Printed version of CV

-       Ironed smart outfit

-       A notebook and a pen

-       How to get there

-       Bus/train ticket or tank refilling

-       Relevant example of your previous projects (on paper, photos or tablet)

 See…no need to come with magic potion or garlic necklace, you only need a good preparation!