Self-development tips at work

Nowadays it is rare for employees to stay their entire life in the same company. This is the first reason why cultivating your self-development is so important. It will not only open opportunities for pay rises, evolutions and career changes but will also boost your engagement in your routine.

There are many ways to bring added value to your CV. First of all, make sure to keep track of your skills development. Whether you’re working in an office, in a farm or even at school, there are always ways of improvements. Think of:

·         What are the new techniques in the industry?

·         Are you comfortable with the latest technology?

·         Are you aware of the risk that technologies carry?

·         How can you do better than your greatest competitor?

·         Can you become the master of your favourite tasks at work?

The easiest way to stay updated of your industry development is reading business news and magazines. You will know what skills to learn to bring added-value to your role.Being on top of trends in a specific area will help you become a key reference. And remember that rare skills are better paid.

Also attend insightful exhibitions and conferences at least twice a year. You can monitor upcoming events with Evenbrite. You’ll get to build your professional network and to learn a lot.

Our digital era is also a gift for self-development. You can use e-learning for getting yourself into a course that you can attend anywhere at any time. Have you heard of Lynda or Open Learn for example? There are a very large amount topics available for you to learn.

If you are out of work, you have the best opportunity to upskill your CV. You can contact your National Career Service in order to find the best opportunities in training.