7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using An Agency

What’s your biggest issue when job hunting? For some it’s the lack of guidance, for others the challenge is to stay motivated after rejections. Job seeking is a full time occupation in itself but with no financial compensations, no colleagues, no employment safety in counterpart… in brief, only the bad and the ugly? Wrong.

Despite the disadvantages, keep in mind the good. You are your own boss plus, you are not alone! In fact there are professionals whose job it is to place people like you into work. That being the case, why aren’t you in branch now?!

1. “Don’t go chasing waterfalls!”

It’s hard knowing how to decipher a job description, especially if they require certain experiences and qualifications. You can never know which are actually just a company preference or a necessity of the job. Your friendly Pertemps recruiter will know. They will put you forward for applications you may not have considered because of the requirements; or they will be honest and tell you if your experience is not suitable. Either way it saves you the time and effort of tailoring your CV and writing a cover letter for every application.

Speaking of which, not all companies will publicise their vacancies, as they will use a recruiter who will shortlist the applications for them. There are many companies that deal with business to business trading and so you probably won’t have heard of them. This means a recruiter has access to far more available positions you want, in companies you haven’t even considered.

If you want straight talking, free, expert advice, head into a Pertemps branch today!

2. “I want to break free!”

Picture a typical job hunter. Are they pale and shriveled from being out of the sun? Red- eyed from being stuck on the computer? How about lying on the sofa surrounded by empty cola cans and scrunched up paper? Joking aside, this isn’t a great place to be at any time, but particularly when you land an interview and need the confidence to sell yourself.

It’s hard. We know that and we have all had our own low points. So we place importance on staying fresh, energised and meeting with real people, ahem consultants, to avoid becoming a sofa dweller during your job search.

3. It’s your big break!

Your consultant will sell the very best of you to the client (your potential employer). This is an amazing opportunity! You have someone pitching how great you are at team building, problem solving, and just how much you know about that really hard dilemma they need you to manage. People trust people and the opinion of a recruitment expert will go far in the ear of your dream employers.

Not to mention that you basically roll sixes, pass the “consideration of your application” street and are on the straight path to “Go”!

4. Is online advice just not cutting it?

We spend all day researching and applying information to scenarios you may be going through. Ultimately, we know that sometimes you need one-on-one advice and that’s what your recruiter can provide you. Tailored guidance is there for you, should you need it; specifically given to you for that role, covering topics such as interview preparation, techniques and how best to get there.

Your satisfaction matters to every Pertemps consultant, and it is important you, the candidate, has a positive experience whether you have been placed in a job or not.  

5. Salary negotiation

Salary negotiation is always a sensitive subject so having someone negotiate your salary, on your behalf is extremely useful. Most candidates are nervous to broach the subject and often don’t know their worth in that position and location. You’re not alone if you worry that asking for a higher salary will cost you your new job.

Your recruiter will help you remember how much you are worth and prevent you from under selling yourself. After all you have worked your whole life to get the skills you have today and you deserve to be appropriately rewarded!  

6. Time saving

Specifically if you are a full time worker, looking for a new job is quite demanding. But if you are registered with Pertemps, the “job matching part” is carried out for you. And your consultant will be ready and waiting to contact you when the suitable opportunity arises.

7. Teamwork makes the dream work!

If you succeed in building a good relationship with your consultant you will be able to fully reap the rewards they can offer. Being honest and open is key with your consultant. This is a luxury online and direct applicants can’t afford as they may not be able to speak as freely as you.

Go on, take the opportunity to free up time and get rid of stress by coming in branch today!