Benefits of temp working more appealing than ever before

It seems bizarre to think that up until fairly recently, the popular view among many in society was that people who carried out temporary work were somehow secondary to those in permanent positions; that you couldn’t have a career if you were employed by an agency. What nonsense! It is such a relief that out-dated views such as these are finally being consigned to the history books.

Nowadays, if you are a business that does not offer flexible work patterns then you are unlikely to attract the best talent. And there is nothing more flexible than the work offered by an agency.  Workers of today, particularly new graduates, have higher expectations and see flexible working as the norm rather than the exception.

Working as a contractor, freelancer or agency worker is the choice of more and more people. No longer is it seen as a ‘last resort.’ It is easy to see why. There are countless benefits for young people, parents and those wishing to slow down as they approach retirement as flexible working offers a far greater work-life balance. However, there is also money to be earned, in both the short and long term!

A recent report by the Recruitment and Employment Federation (REC) showed that 40% of people who currently earn £30,000 or more have worked for an agency, whilst 22% of people who earn £50,000 or more have done likewise. Evidently, earning potential is also a pull for people who may be considering agency work.

The report, ‘Flex appeal: Why freelancers, contractors and agency workers choose to work this way,’ also states that 41% of people are considering working this way in the future which highlights the shifting trends in how society now views temporary and agency work.  Temporary work offers a real alternative to permanent employment and the ability to advance in a career, enjoy greater flexibility and work in a variety of industries – therefore picking up a greater variety of skills – is something that is appealing to more people than ever before.