Great start to 2014!

It may still only be early days but there is no doubt in my mind that 2014 is shaping up to be a very positive year for the labour market.  There are signs of recovery wherever you look.

Our business has close links with the West Midlands and, being a local girl myself, it is especially pleasing to see the region doing so well following a very challenging few years.  In the three months to November, more jobs were created in the West Midlands than anywhere else in the UK.  Just over 57,000 jobs were made available – this is an incredible figure and certainly bodes well for the region.

Of course, Pertemps may be headquartered in the Midlands but we are a national business and have more than 100 branches across the UK.  It is therefore equally pleasing to see strong rises in job creation levels elsewhere. London and the East Midlands did remarkably well in the same period to November and the positive trend has continued into the new year.  More than 100,000 jobs were created in London and the East Midlands alone.

Strong employment growth was also reported in Yorkshire and Humber, the North West, Wales, the East of England, the South East, Northern Ireland and Scotland.  As I stated at the offset, things are looking up everywhere you look!

I believe recruitment agencies such as Pertemps have had a significant part to play in this recovery to date but there will undoubtedly be more challenges and obstacles to overcome as we move forward in 2014.

But after all the negativity and difficulties that have been reported in recent years, particularly around the UK labour market, it is a breath of fresh air to finally have some good news to report and long may this continue!