Recruiters need to show they care


There are many benefits to working with a recruitment agency: they can reduce your costs, can save you time and can find you a suitable candidate at the drop of a hat. Most employers know this.

However, these are benefits offered by all recruitment agencies.  Or at least they should be! What many people do not see is the extraordinary lengths some (not all) agencies go to in an effort to give candidates a route to career success.

To stand out from the crowd in this packed marketplace you have to offer something different. You have to care about each and every candidate who walks through the door, sends in a CV online or picks up the phone asking about vacancies.

The reason? It is not good enough for recruitment agencies to simply fill a placement then sit back and watch as the money rolls in. This is detrimental to all parties concerned. Sure, the placement may be filled, but if the candidate is not a perfect fit, chances are, the client will not return. And if the candidate endures an unrewarding experience, well, there are plenty of other recruiters out there who they can turn to. Reputation is everything.

Looking after your candidates is not only about finding them work instantly. Consultants need to care about candidates, take the time to meet each of them, to talk through their aspirations and offer advice and support.

If they are lacking experience, offer them training.

If they do not have a CV, help them write one.

If they are anxious about an interview, prepare them fully with support that will last them a lifetime.

Get them career ready.

Apprenticeships, traineeships, internships and work experience are equally as important to job seekers, particularly the young or people whose experience and qualifications may not be as developed as others. Recruitment agencies should be exploring all avenues to access employment opportunities for candidates.

It would be wrong of me to say that profits are not important. Recruitment agencies are, after all, a business. Competition is fierce - there are literally thousands of recruitment agencies operating in the UK.

But beating the competition is not just about who makes it over the line first in the race to fill a particular placement. It is about working to enhance your reputation, by developing talent and giving it the platform to shine which, in itself, will bring rewards for any client.