The changing face of British boardrooms

Boardrooms are changing across the country with more women now making up board positions on FTSE 100 companies than ever before. A cause for celebration if ever there was one!


British businesses have met the target set out in the Davies Review of 2011 to ensure women fill 25% of all FTSE 100 board positions. This has been achieved six months ahead of schedule. This is remarkable news and, if you turn back the clock several years, it is something that many people thought impossible.


I have been an avid supporter of the recommendations of the Davies Report since they were first announced and have long championed women to take up senior positions within businesses up and down the land. Indeed, here at Pertemps Network Group 33% of our Topco board is female while 40% of our operational board is likewise. Diversity is key to running a successful business so it is highly pleasing to see so many leading companies now following suit.


It has required a concerted effort from Chairmen (and women!), businesses large and small and the Executive Search community to support the agenda proposed by Lord Davies, without which many women may have missed out on the opportunity to fulfil their true potential and sit at their rightful place in the Boardroom.


Despite this shift in culture at the top of British business, now is not the time to rest on our laurels. There is still so much work to do if we wish to see even more women taking up senior positions within the biggest companies. I know the Davies Steering Group is working hard to maintain focus and ensure this upward trend continues.


We have now reached a point in time where the issues of gender parity in the boardroom can be removed once and for all and I sincerely hope that is the case not only for the best interests of women, but for the best interests of business.