Our Logo

The original version of the Pertemps logo was first designed in the 1960s, to coincide with the creation of the company.

Pertemps Logo 1960s

The name ‘Pertemps’ was born out of an amalgamation of the words ‘Permanent’ and ‘Temporary’, which was a basic interpretation of the kinds of roles Pertemps would be recruiting for.

 The two faces in the original logo were chosen specifically to reflect the two most important customers Pertemps had - our Client and our Applicants – and the circle reflected our inclusive attitude to place the right candidate with the right client, offering the same top quality service to each one.

This logo worked particularly well for Pertemps during the nationwide expansion in the 1980s and has stood the test of time into the mid 1990s.

In 1993 Pertemps’ marketing team bought the Pertemps’ logo into a new era, to improve the image of the company and increase our business profile.

One of the first things agreed was that the two faces logo should be expanded to three faces – to reflect our third customer – our own indigenous staff.

A new logo was developed with three faces in a square, rather than circular format.

 The Pertemps name was not changed, and the new logo was adapted in a variety of new formats for use in the company stationery, branch frontages and all marketing.

Pertemps Logo 1993 onwards

In 2003, with the growing trend in digital media, and the creation of several media based companies within the group, Pertemps again decided to expand and adapt the logo for use in a variety of formats.

Jobs @ Pertemps Logo

To reflect this move towards a more integrated business and the services we offered as a company, Pertemps reverted back to the circular logo, keeping the three faces, but introducing the word 'JOBS' - and keeping the same red and blue colours. This enabled Pertemps to keep a nationally recognisable identity and allow for future growth and differentiations across our core businesses.