24% of People Looking for New Roles Due To Low Job Satisfaction

People look for new jobs all the time, it’s nothing new; but the reasons why people leave their current role varies tremendously. Although it’s assumed people always leave for better pay, a recent report published by OnRec (based on a joint study by the CIPD and Halogen Software) voices a shocking new statistic – almost a quarter of people are looking for work due to poor job satisfaction.

Although money is still the main factor for poor employee retention, the figures in regards to job seekers show that the search is often prompted by other causes. Enjoyment of a job, flexible working and career progression are starting to increase in reasons for resignations and the report states that 61% of people who are unhappy with their role are looking for a new job – making this a 2-year high for job seeking intentions.

The article also quotes Farida Gibbs, CEO & Founder of Gibbs S3, who suggests the following;

“Having a balanced workforce with some contractors, some permanent and some consultancy personnel helps to safeguard against the impact of losing key employees. This spreads out the expertise to ensure that businesses can continue growing.”

Gibbs also states that there needs to be a better relationship between employer and employee and deciding on the right people for the industry and business, as well as retaining these through thriving developments shouldn’t be ‘underestimated’.

So, whether you’re a business looking to retain your staff, or an employee seeking out a better fit for your career, we at Pertemps can help find the right match.

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