A quarter of staff have no long-term career ambitions with many just getting through the day at work, a survey claims

Research has shown more than one in four workers have no plans for their long-term career and more than one in three don't look ahead at all when it comes to achieving ambitions in the workplace.

Results from a YouGov poll show many members of staff don't look to the future when it comes to their jobs but concentrate instead on making it to the end of each shift.

The survey found 39% of employees had done nothing to prepare for progressing their career in the future and just 16% believed their current employment fitted in with the job they ideally wanted to do further down the line.

And the workers who are making plans for the future have a fairly short-term outlook, typically looking less than three years ahead.

But 31% quizzed in the poll said they were settled in their current position and were not looking for another job while 24% said they were satisfied with the role they had although they were always open to other opportunities.

On the other end of the scale, 14% admitted to not enjoying their job but said they found the idea of starting doing something else too overwhelming.

Just 11% of those who took part in the study believed they could advance well with their current employer in the long term. Women and older employees were the ones who appeared to struggle the most when it came to working towards long-term ambitions.

In staff aged 55 and over, 56% said they had no plans when it came to their future career even though more and more people are now having to work beyond 65 in Britain.

But 61% said they would like to be given a new challenge in their existing employment with 38% saying they would like at least one each month. And just over a third said learning new things and adding to their skills base was crucial in keeping them happy in the workplace.

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