Industrial powerhouse announces new recruitment plans

Cammell Laird has welcomed 18 new trainees as it announced its ambitions to venture into energy markets.

The respected ship construction firm, located on the River Mersey in Birkenhead on the Wirral, has hired apprentice trainee pipe installers, mechanical fitters and boiler makers to fulfil its navy and private commissions.

The new staff will boost the ranks of the workforce to 750, of which a total of 64 are trainees.

Chief executive John Syvret reported that during the last few years 32 trainees have moved up into long-term positions within the company.

He said that the firm's current focus is to guarantee that staff have gained experience and expertise in practical engineering.

He described the ongoing recruitment of trainees as fundamental, and the backbone behind the firm's potential success and growth.

The Cammell Laird firm dates back to the 19th century and has made over 1,350 ships, perhaps most famously the now retired Royal Navy flagship, HMS Ark Royal.

Eleven years ago, the company went bankrupt but now it offers specialist services for the restoration of navy ships, vessel improvements and adjustments.

It has put itself back into the ship-making industry with two commercial ferries being built.

Mr Syvret said the firm is becoming active in the energy market and is advertising its expertise to the civil nuclear industry and the offshore oil and gas sectors.

He added that the employment of new staff is part of the firm's commitment to new ventures, in addition to its current work, in order to fully capitalise on its know-how and facilities.

He went on: "We see the horizon illuminated by the energy sector - offshore renewables, civil nuclear and the oil and gas industry.

"These are multibillion-pound industries which present massive opportunities. That is what we are targeting and we are working hard to ensure our workforce has the skills to work across these sectors."

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