Mobile industry 'needs more talented women workers'

The GSMA has revealed it wants more female recruitment in mobile communications as it does not think there are enough women working in the sector at the moment.

The organisation recently hosted the inaugural GSMA Connected Women conference in Europe, which gathered over 250 telecommunications industry professionals together to consider the challenges facing women in technology nowadays.

The various presentations and discussions focused on how to attract, look after and promote more female talent in the mobile industry, and GSMA director general Anne Bouverot says not enough is being done and that this has to change straight away.

"Women today comprise 40% of the global workforce and account for more than half of university graduates, and yet we see only three to five per cent of senior management positions in technology being held by women," she said.

"This is a critical challenge that we must address immediately - as an industry, we will be at a disadvantage if we cannot attract and retain the most talented individuals, many of whom are women."

The mobile sector is not the only one with an issue though as a recent Grant Thornton International business report found women hold just 21% of senior management roles in all industries worldwide and that figure has not changed much over the past decade.

The proportion of women in senior management positions in technology firms is even lower at roughly 3% to 5%. The number of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 rankings is up from 12 last year to 18 in 2012 but that is still just 4% of the ranking.

The GSMA Connected Women event was intended to spark global interest in the cause and highlight best practice, while investigating how to encourage interest in the sector from girls entering education and the workforce.

It is hoped that the mobile industry will be moved to take positive action and explore how to create role models and mentors to inspire others, with the ultimate aim of having more women at all levels in the mobile and telecommunications industries.

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