Recruiters can 'stand out from the crowd' through social media

Recruitment companies have been advised to use social media to their advantage by getting across their unique personality rather than having an anonymous corporate account.

That's according to a new report by REC Technology, which looks ahead to trends in the recruitment sector over the next 10 years.

New technology means recruiters can delve into their particular niche in the market while at the same time helping candidates to navigate the recruitment process, the report suggests.

Social media also represents a major opportunity for candidates to show off their credentials, the report says, with recruiters and hirers also advised to focus on quality content through all their channels as opposed to simply using social media as a straight networking tool.

The report - entitled 'Recruitment 2022 - The Effect of Social Media and Technology on Future Recruitment' - also states that there are also unexploited opportunities presented by mobile technology.

Google statistics suggest one in five jobs searches is now made via a mobile device, so recruiters and hirers should be making sure they are tapping into this demand.

The report also speaks of a fragmenting jobs market and the need for recruitment companies to adapt to a trend of more flexible working arrangements.

Employment agencies can benefit from engaging in personal and meaningful conversations with candidates and showing their level of expertise in their specialist areas.

This is where the social media channels can come in, the report indicates, giving recruitment companies the chance to put forward a distinctive online personality.

REC Technology public affairs executive Les Berridge said the report demonstrates how technology can "dramatically" improve the candidate's experience of the recruitment process.

Recruitment firms that specialise in particular industries can derive "huge benefits" from using different digital channels to engage with candidates, the public affairs executive continued.

"The ability to source, distil, interpret and publish content will be king - and recruiters across the industry need to innovate to remain competitive."

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