Scottish Government unveils plans for digital excellence and calls on businesses to have their say

Jobs will be at the forefront of a nationwide debate in Scotland on how to ensure that the country becomes a world-class digital nation by the end of the decade.

The Scottish Government has collaborated with an assortment of digital experts, universities and business leaders to devise Scotland's Digital Dialogue, which will see a number of workshops, demonstrations, conferences and debates take place until the end of May.

The Scottish Government hopes to ensure that the country establishes itself as one of the world's leading digital countries by 2020 and it is calling on businesses, organisations and representative bodies from all sectors to have their say.

The digital industry has long been in the minds of those walking through corridors of Holyrood and the Scottish Government's World Class 2020 Research Report outlines how the country will utilise digital technology in the years to come and how it can benefit from having one of the best digital infrastructures in the world.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon revealed that because Scotland excels in areas such as renewables and life sciences, there is no reason why the country cannot also become a leading nation within the digital sphere.

Ms Sturgeon went on to explain that the open debate on the subject and the accompanying events will help determine how best to go about achieving this objective.

She said: "We are committed to investing in digital technologies and infrastructure here in Scotland, and we are eager to learn from the successes of other countries who are delivering world class digital infrastructure."

Ms Sturgeon said that transforming Scotland into a world leader in the digital industry will help create jobs, transform the way Scots do business, improve productivity and attract more inward investment. She also revealed that it would have a significant effect on people's day-to-day lives.

The Scottish Government is adamant that the entire nation should benefit from this initiative which is why it is keen for people and businesses of all backgrounds to have their say in helping to shape policy on this matter.

Ms Sturgeon added: "We want to hear exactly what digital technology and investment means to people in Scotland and how it can continue to play a central role in this country's future. Together we can work to ensure that vision becomes reality."

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