Work-based skills 'more valuable to employers than degrees', survey for employment showcase reveals

Most adults in the UK believe bosses value work-based skills more than or equal to academic qualifications, a new survey has found.

The Skills Show revealed that vocational careers are on the up among the UK population, which is becoming increasingly aware of how important skills, apprenticeships and work-based learning are in the jobs world.

A total of 58% of respondents to the Skills Snapshot 2012 study told the Skills Show that they would be more likely to get a job offer if they had a skill or a trade than if they had a degree.

The poll, commissioned ahead of the show at the NEC in Birmingham, suggested that two thirds of those questioned could pursue their dream career if they had more help and advice to encourage them to gain the necessary techniques to succeed in their job and to take up work opportunities.

They also identified the need to develop information and training to develop their skills in the future, and the framework to identify the opportunities that exist elsewhere.

More than half said they would seek the advice of a professional in their chosen field.

Adults looking to branch out into new careers and younger people who are pondering their future will be able to access support at the Skills Show, which will give 100,000 visitors the chance to discover more about their work-based skills options, further education and apprenticeships.

The event will also give people the opportunity to have a go at more than 45 new skills, from creating a brick arch and developing top class make-up techniques, through to constructing a mini-aeroplane.

On top of that, 100 company bosses will be on hand to deliver a series of free 'spotlight' talks, giving inside information on a wealth of careers and industries.

Ross Maloney, the chief executive of the Skills Show, stated: "The way we think about work-based skills and their value to the UK economy is changing.

"Vocational careers are now seen as genuinely exciting opportunities for young people and with so many options now available, there is a chance for everyone to be successful."

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