The Owl Story (Part 1) – Are you ready to fly?

Like many a young owl, Percy liked to spend his summers idly sitting by the lakeside without a care in the world.

However, there comes a time when every young owl must fly the nest.



One afternoon, in the Owl family residence at Meriden Hall – the home of Pertemps - Wise Old Father Owl put his wing round Percy and offered some sound advice:

“Son; I’ve sat in this tree for many years now.

“When I first settled here, Pertemps wasn’t the size it is today. It was a lot smaller but very ambitious. It reminds me a lot of you.

“Through hard work, ambition and a willingness to learn and develop, Pertemps has become one of the most successful recruitment companies around. Take inspiration young owl and remember, you can be who you want to be…”

To be continued…



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