Britain's ambitious workers claim they are confident they could step into senior managers' shoes

A new survey has found that Britain has a confident workforce, with almost a third of staff members sure they could do a better job of running the company they work for than its current senior managers.

Recruitment agency staff will be encouraged by the findings of Borro's Enterprise Ladder Report, which found that 29% of workers think they could run the business they work within better than their bosses.

Some 38% were confident they could do a superior job to their line manager if they were handed that role.

The research also showed an enterprising spirit among Britain's workers, with 24% of those polled - the equivalent of 12 million UK adults - saying they have considered launching their own small business at some point in the future.

A significant proportion of these people believe the only thing that is holding them back is a lack of savings or limited external financing.

Some 44% of those surveyed said they do not have sufficient start-up funds at this time that would allow them to start their own business, while 32% said they have not been able to raise enough additional capital from external sources, including banks and alternative finance measures.

CEO of Borro, Paul Aitken, said: "Britain is a nation of business leaders in waiting - as the economy struggles, a third of Brits are sitting frustrated in their jobs believing that they could do a better job than their boss.

"Despite the recession, British ambition is alive and kicking again, so it's time for employees to come out of the shadows and take control. If people feel they could do a better job than their boss, they should be encouraged to follow their dreams and become their own boss."

He added: "Yet for many, their ambition of running their own company is being quashed by a lack of support from the banks to secure the lending that they require. SME owners of the future will be the heartbeat of the UK economy and they should not be disheartened in their quest for capital. There are alternative and quick options available for people to get their hands on business funding."

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