Case Study: Adam Noble - Working for National Grid

Adam is working on an assignment at National Grid, Hinckley, and was found employment via the close working partnership of Pertemps and Leicestershire Cares, an organisation that helps young people who have been in care on to the next steps in life. He spent much of his younger years in care, living in Bradford before moving to Leicester, finally leaving care at the age of 21.
"I feel so appreciative and lucky to get this opportunity with Pertemps. Because I had been in care, I had a disadvantage – if it comes down to giving a job to someone from care or someone not from care, they will opt for the latter as some employers have a perception of you being in care for a criminal reason, they won’t look twice at you.
There is a lack of trust from employers – when you say you have been in care they think it is for a bad reason. This is why many young people from care go and apply for part-time jobs or ones with no career prospects; they feel it is their only option.
Leicestershire Cares helped set up a meeting with Pertemps who were great, they sat me down and said this is the job and this is what we can do to help you. I applied and came in with my CV (I already had a CV, but Pertemps do offer support in producing CVs if you need it).
I was nervous at interview but it was a lot easier than what I first thought and they made me feel at home. I was so happy when I was told I had the job - I am astonished to be working for National Grid and quite proud of myself to be working for one of the biggest companies around.
There are loads of opportunities for training if I wanted – all I would need to do is put a request in with Pertemps and away you go. It is reassuring to know Pertemps are just a flight of stairs away and you can pop up anytime.
I started as emergency call handler and have now moved on to the GDSP team – I deal with members of the public on a daily basis and no day is ever the same. I work in a team of 15 and five of them are of the same age as myself, all from different backgrounds, so there is evidence everywhere you look that Pertemps is committed to giving young people a chance.  You are not just going to be declined a job for any reason; everyone is given a chance.
I’m so appreciative and grateful; everyone from Pertemps has been so welcoming and helpful from day one. If you have a pay query or are sick, they have an open door policy.
Having lived in care for a while I have always struggled and when I did have work, it wasn’t the best work. Now I feel confident and I have Pertemps to thank for that. If it wasn’t for Pertemps I wouldn’t have this job, it’s released a lot of stress and gives me reassurance that everything is going to be okay.
A lot of people like me wouldn’t even try to go for a job like this. A lot of young people would look at a company like National Grid and assume that a lot of qualifications and experience is needed – they get worried that they don’t have what is needed and wouldn’t have a chance. But that isn’t true – Pertemps can help them.”