5 Fastest Growing Job Sectors for 2016

After economic growth in 2015, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted even stronger growth for 2016, according to the BBC. With a number of industries showing positive growth, the New Year is the perfect time to jump on some of these growing industries.

But which sectors are good to focus on?


1. Hospitality:

This growth is predicted to happen across the UK, but is expected to be most noticeable in the North West of England. Insolvency trade body R3 has predicted that the North West will experience growth in a number of sectors, but hospitality was among top of the list.

Richard Wolff, North West chairman of R3, has told local paper LEP that “hospitality is an ever popular choice for start-ups”, adding a 13% and 9% rise in restaurants and pubs respectively. With more growth, now’s the perfect time to look for any number of opportunities in this area!

  • 13% and 9% rise in restaurants and pubs in 2015
  • Trade body R3 predict growth in some areas of hospitality
  • Growth to be particularly noticeable in North West

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2. Construction:

Thanks to things like increases in housing and commercial projects, experts predict that 2016 could be the construction industry’s strongest year yet. Reports from The Telegraph show how more than half of construction firms expect a rise in business activity in 2016.

With work increasing there’s going to be a bigger need from employers for more staff, making it a perfect time to get a foot in the door!

  • Rise to 57.8 on Purchasing Managers’ Index in December 2015
  • 2015 growth has been noticeably higher than Markit expected
  • More than 50% of construction firms predict business growth in 2016

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3. Manufacturing:

The UK’s manufacturing sector is one that relies heavily on exports, which means it’s a market that can often fluctuate based on everything from currency strength to product pricing. Despite this, industry publication Digital Look says the EEF predicts a strong position for 2016 – and an incredible 8% overall growth by the end of the year.

There are a number of different sub-sectors making a difference here, including transport and automotive (the latter of which generates roughly £30 billion of exports a year, according to Engineering UK).

  • Sector predicted 8% growth in 2016
  • Worth billions each to year to UK economy
  • Accounts for 3% of GDP
  • Opportunities in both managerial & manufacturing roles

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4. Engineering:

The previous report we mentioned from Engineering UK is a comprehensive insight into specific sectors, as well as the engineering industry as a whole. Its 2015 report states how last year engineering contributed to more than 27% of the UK’s total GDP – that’s more than £455 billion.

It’s clear to see, then, that continuing trends will see this industry grow – and with growth comes new employment opportunities. These can be sector-specific (such as automotive, construction and energy supply), as well as in education to ensure more vacancies and more high-skilled workers in the UK to fill these.

  • 257,000 new vacancies by 2022
  • Skilled workers needed for these positions
  • Educators needed to close skills gap

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5. General Private Sector:

With great sector-specific growth predicted for 2016, this will end up resulting in growth across the private sector. Finance publication The Economic Voice has reported that in the first quarter of 2016, growth is expected to be +20% - double the usual +10%.

While this sounds rather general, a growing private sector can mean a number of employment opportunities for different occupations. Specialist employees will be needed for specific industries, but a business still has to operate effectively. This means that growth can also create opportunities for those working in everything from sales and finance to admin and secretarial.

  • 20% private sector growth in 2016
  • Specialist and administrative roles available
  • Opportunities in new industries for sales, admin etc.

Regardless of what industry you’re looking to seek employment in, it’s the sectors showing growth that are likely to present some of the best opportunities – although that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities outside of these!

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