Four 'megatrends' tipped to transform employment in next decade

Jobs trends may come and go but experts have identified four 'megatrends' they believe could transform the world of employment over the next decade.

And businesses need to make sure they are on top of the latest jobs trends if they are to stay ahead of the game, according to the report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

It points out that several megatrends have changed the world of work beyond all recognition in the past century - but says the key question is whether firms are aware of and ready to respond to new developments.

In essence, the report says the world of work is changing rapidly and those organisations that rise to the challenge will be best placed to move with the times and enjoy sustained success.

One of the key questions posed by the report - entitled Megatrends: The trends shaping work and working lives - is: "Have we seen the end of the pay rise?"

The report points out that four years of falling average real earnings represents the most sustained period for at least half a century.

Secondly it asks: "Has job turnover slowed down?"

It says there is a trend, which began pre-recession, of a decline in voluntary exits from firms and sits in contrast to an otherwise prevailing view of "the end of jobs for life".

Thirdly, the question is asked: "Are we working harder than ever?"

Technology improvements and recession-driven cost savings are cited as reasons for employees reporting higher work intensity than in the past.

Finally, the report asks: "Are organisations losing the trust of their workers?"

It suggests the question is worth raising especially in light of recent scandals affecting bodies and sectors as diverse as the NHS and financial services.

CIPD chief executive Peter Cheese stressed the scale of the challenge faced by employers and workers alike when he said "the pace of change today is unprecedented".

He added: "The future of work, the changing nature of the workforce, and the organisation and culture of the workplace are among the biggest challenges facing organisations and their leaders, and if HR doesn't provide the answers, they'll find them elsewhere."

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