How to Find a Job in 4 weeks – Week 1

We’re releasing a series this month on how to find a job in four weeks – this week we discuss what you need to get done in the first seven days.

Start Getting Organised:

·      Create a list of prospects that you want to outreach regarding roles

·      Review your goals and start noting responses – both rejections and successes

·      Keep a track of names and numbers to ensure you don’t get confused on who is calling you back regarding applications

·      Review your skill set and see what you are missing


TIP: To keep to your deadlines, assign time each day to focus on your job search


Company / Industry Search:

·      If you have an idea of the company you’d like to work for, then research into their business or industry.

·      If you aren’t sure, take a look at some of the bigger corporations and see if there are any benefits, perks or qualifications that catch your eye.

·      Know the industry you want to work in and start looking at what you may have to offer which will be perfect to start a career.

Refresh your CV:

·      Spell and grammar check

·      Update your working experience

·      Review qualifications / certifications

·      Tailor it to the different roles you want to ensure relevancy.

TIP: Don’t forget to upload the latest version onto your LinkedIn profile

Write the Best Ever Cover Letter:

·      Think bigger and better when it comes to selling yourself but…

·      …make sure it’s tailored to them and why you deserve an opportunity.

·       A cover letter can really make or break an application so ensure you include everything you want them to know.

·      Discuss your skills briefly and let your CV do the rest of the talking – an unnecessarily long cover letter may put employers off.


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