The Similarities Between Interviews & Dating


Both involve meeting new people, are nerve racking and could be potentially life changing – but did you know the many similarities between interviews and dating? 

A common first date & interview question is ‘Tell me about yourself?’

This can open up a whole conversation that could lead to success but be careful what you say as this could have disastrous consequences.

Don’t ask anything in appropriate but as with both occasions, make sure to keep the conversation flowing.


65% of interviewees say clothing can be a deciding factor, compared to only 17% of singles saying that stylish clothes mattered most on a first date.

It appears that interviewers are clearly harder to impress than a prospective loved one. Keep it smart for both occasions, no trainers, torn jeans and especially no hoodies.


According to one website, 17% of first dates lead to marriage but the success of a first interview is harder to pin down.

Successful first interviews don’t always lead to the job, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.


81% of daters misinterpret themselves online whether this is due to height, weight or income.

This compares to 76% of candidates that miss out due to an unprofessional email address.

Advice tells you to have a separate email address when venturing into online dating to keep you secure, but make sure yours is appropriate when undertaking a job search.


The average length of time 25 – 34yrs olds stay in a job is 3.2 years compared to

3 – 5 months being a common time for break ups. It shows people can be more committed to their job than their partner.

So there you have it, just some of the similarities between dating and interviews – just don’t  ask for your interviewers phone number if it goes well.