London 'employs more people in highly-skilled jobs than any other city'

London is the global leader for highly-skilled jobs, according to a new employment study comparing the world's top cities.

The city is the largest employer in 12 of 22 high-skill sectors, the Deloitte study found.

That includes jobs in digital media, legal services and retail and investment banking.

The report - Globaltown: Winning London's crucial battle for talent - placed New York in second position, with the US city named as the top performer in seven of those sectors.

Los Angeles came out on top in two sectors and San Francisco led in the other, the report revealed.

It found that almost 1.5 million people have jobs in London within those 22 sectors, ahead of 1.2 million in New York, 784,000 in Los Angeles, 630,000 in Hong Kong and 425,000 in Boston.

There is also a knock-on jobs boost generated by growth in these areas, according to Deloitte.

The report suggested that for every London job created in these sectors, a further two positions are formed in sectors such as transport, retail, facilities maintenance, healthcare and law enforcement.

Angus Knowles-Cutler, London senior partner at Deloitte, said the report highlights the power of London in the global economy.

"It is a desirable and diverse city in which to work, allowing it to attract the very best of British and international talent. Indeed, our city's high-skill talent might be one of our greatest invisible exports," he added.

However, Knowles-Cutler warned that "renewal and regeneration" are essential in order to maintain London's position at the top of the jobs pile for these sectors.

"London has to address a number of fundamental challenges, for example, in infrastructure, housing and immigration, if we are to retain our lure as a destination for the world's top talent."

Kit Malthouse, deputy mayor for business and enterprise at the Greater London Authority (GLA), said the ability to attract top talent - or failure to do so - will dictate the rise or fall of a great city.

"London has long been a magnet for talented individuals and has also nurtured native-born talent through the excellence of its universities, colleges and on-the-job opportunities."

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