Marketing director jobs pay divide widens between the sexes

The marketing director pay gap between the sexes has widened by 10%, according to a new report.

It reveals a marked difference between the wages earned by male marketing directors compared to their female counterparts.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing's (CMI) latest Marketing Rewards salary survey

found that on average compared with last year, the pay gap between male and female marketers at director level has increased by 10%.

It also reported poor job security in the state sector, with 38% of public sector marketers claiming a pay freeze while over three in four (81%) private sector marketers had a pay rise averaging 3%.

This is consistent with results of past years and perhaps sparked by recent times of austerity.

This compares to the overall average pay rise for marketing professionals in the survey being 2.4%, under the 3% forecast in the 2012 survey.

Marketers in the manufacturing industry, already paid more than their equivalents in both the private or voluntary sector, headed the tab with 88% reporting an increase.

Over half (60%) of them claim to work more than 40 hours a week.

Encouragingly, over two in five (41%) directors claimed a bonus, in contrast to 37% in 2012.

More than a third (40%) of heads of marketing received a bonus averaging 9,000, in contrast to 44% last year.

The percentage of senior and middle marketing managers who received a bonus this year stayed the same as in 2012.

But the value of bonuses has increased, suggesting that the input of marketers to the bottom line is increasingly appreciated by their employers.

Substantial differences between state and private sector marketers were reported in their promotion hopes and job security.

Compared to private sector marketers, a sense of job insecurity was claimed by nearly twice as many marketers in the state sector than any other.

It may come as little surprise then that this sector reported the largest percentage of marketing professionals seeking to switch job (44%).

Thomas Brown, associate director, research and insights at the CMI, said: "We know from our on-going research amongst the UK marketing community that the early signs of a recovery are becoming more established and these latest results support this improving outlook."

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