New Year, New Job – But Where to Start?

As soon as January 1st rolls round, people immediately start to wonder what the next 365 days will bring. For many of us there is a lot of pressure to make big changes so, for a number of people, changing their job role is often chosen.

So, where do you start if the New Year is a trigger for your next career step?

Firstly, what do you want to change?

Is it the salary? – Can you negotiate with your company or have you seen the change you want to make? If not, then your decision to change may be a little easier.

Do you want to relocate? - Relocating is a huge change, and with it comes lots of other exciting opportunities. Just make sure you’re not trying to make too many big decisions at once.

Can you change your role? - If you’ve seen your perfect role, but this isn’t something your current company can offer, then go for it!

When you know what you want to be different in your career you can start making changes and become confident in your decision.

If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, we’ve provided a quiz to help you decide!

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Get Your CV & Cover Letter Sorted

Before you dig out your old CV, think about whether starting from scratch would be better. Depending on when you last updated it, you should consider using one of the many templates out there to really make the most of your skills and previous experience.

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Involve a Recruitment Agency – How About Pertemps?

Looking for a job is overwhelming, so why not leave it to the professionals?

We at Pertemps have a fuss free registration process that takes no time at all, and lets you get started with your biggest change of the year.

Simply register online with your contact information, and you’re on your way to finding the perfect job. Our friendly consultants will be in touch to offer you an appointment, and discuss new roles that are suitable to your skillset and needs.

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