Percy the Pertemps Owl comes home!

The Big Hoot event came to a close with an auction of the large sculptured owls last night. Pertemps Network Group are proud to have sponsored the Big Hoot event in aid of Birmingham Children’s Hospital and to have contributed to the charity. It has been great to be part of such a huge event in the Midlands focussed on the creative arts!

Birmingham was full of flutter last night as 85 large owl sculptures raised £508,035 for Birmingham Children's Hospital, exceeding their £500,000 target.  Art collectors, owl enthusiasts, sponsors and Big Hoot fans were offered the chance to bid for one of the individually decorated owl sculptures.
Tim Jones and Steve West attended the auction on behalf of Pertemps to bid for Percy the Pertemps Owl. The bidding was fierce in the auction room with a starting price of £3,000 for Percy Pertemps, however Tim out-bided the competition at £6,000 bringing Percy Pertemps home.

The Big Hoot, presented by public art specialists Wild in Art, in partnership with Birmingham Children’s Hospital, has won the hearts and minds of everyone in Birmingham and beyond this summer, with visitors flocking from far and wide to explore the city’s streets, parks and open spaces, all of which have been turned into a virtual aviary.

Louise McCathie, Director of Fundraising for Birmingham Children's Hospital said: "We are humbled by the overwhelming response to The Big Hoot Auction, and are thrilled to have exceeded our £500,000 target. The money raised will go towards our important Star Appeal for the UK's first Rare Diseases Centre for children, which endeavours to ease the lives of children and families living with rare and undiagnosed conditions."