What Professional Conferences Should You Attend?

It’s that time of year again where conferences seem to be kick-starting in a number of industries, but it can be tricky to know which ones are worth going to – especially as some of them can work out costly.

We’ve broken down our top conferences by industry so you know which ones to keep your eye out for;

Event: OnRec Trade Conference

Industry: Recruitment

Date: 12th July

Location: London

Cost - £95

Perfect for recruiters, both online and offline, HR resource, as well as job board managers and aggregators to video recruiters, there is an infinite amount of information to be shared and shown. This conference offers the opportunity to network and understand industry changes first hand.

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Event: Freelancers Fair

Industry: Students / Graduates

Date: 27th May

Location: London

If you’re a recent graduate or looking to go freelance, then take advantage of the opportunities that are available at the Freelance Fair where like-minded people meet.

Registrations are now closed, but keep your eye out for highlights of the day and registration for next year will be released on 29th May.

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Event: VET Festival

Industry: Vets / Animal

Date: 3rd-4th June

Location: London

Cost from - £99 (1x day pass)

Conferences aren’t just for technology or recruitment, as the VET festival shows. This event held in London shares the knowledge of world-class speakers within veterinary medicine and the surgery field.

Come and find out what else you could learn and speak to those within your industry. Tickets are still available.

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Event: Ungagged

Industry: Technology

Date: 23rd June

Location: London

Cost from - £555 ex. VAT

This renowned conference brings together online technical experts from across the globe. Hosted in Las Vegas as well as London, there are so many different people who attend due to the amazing speakers such as Dave Naylor, and opportunities to meet with people with the same interests and passions. The cost is higher than some of the other conferences, but it’s so worth it – we promise.

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Event: BrightonSEO

Industry: Online Marketing

Date: 2nd September

Location: Brighton

Cost: Free

Another techy conference that was founded by the talented Kelvin Newman, focuses on online marketing as well as the strategies used by others within the digital space.

Whether you’re starting up on your own, or part of a successful agency, this conference offers more than just a comfy seat – with workshops and speakers dinners available, you’ll even bag yourself some free pens and sweets!

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Event: Developing Great Teaching

Industry: Teaching

Date: 21st & 23rd June

Location: Cardiff & London

Cost - £175

Brought to you by Oxford University Press, this conference is specifically for head teachers as well as middle and senior leaders. With an itinerary that lasts from approx. 8.30am to 16.00pm, you’ll get information from the best within their field, and with regular breaks, it’ll give you a chance to get out of the classroom.

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Event: RSS 2016 International Conference

Industry: Data / Stats

Date: 5th - 8th September

Location: Manchester

Most roles utilise data of some sort - whether it’s business analysis or social media reporting - so this international conference hosted by the Royal Statistical Society in Manchester later in the year is suitable for everyone, regardless of industry.

With a breadth of topics presented and discussed, including social stats, theory & methods, environmental and medical statistics, there is something to suit all industries.

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Event: CIPD Recruitment Exhibition

Industry: HR / Recruitment

Date: 15th – 16th June

Location: London

This conference is perfect for those in HR & recruitment that need to understand software and are looking for solutions to improve processes & performance. With 25 leading suppliers all in one space, there isn’t a better opportunity to get advice and learn more about your trade.

As well as the exhibitions, there are also free learning sessions to be inspired by developments so you can choose the most suitable one from a list of 18.

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Feature Image Source: By Cydcor on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons CC 2.0