Santa Becomes a Standard Delivery Man with New Tech say The Independent

Google is known at this time of year for its Santa tracking program and 2015 is no different. However, David Crookes at The Independent has written this article highlighting the surge in smartphone apps released, which allow children to see Santa as a standard courier, delivering parcels across the nations.

The idea that Father Christmas is just a regular person has tried to be re-enforced with websites and apps, which have been devised to allow people to talk to him directly and track his every move.

As Crookes’ article mentions, NORAD’s Santa Tracker has been allowing children (20 million to be precise) to follow Santa for the last 60 years.

He says: “Both sites allow children to track Father Christmas as though he were a standard delivery driver.

“When [he] finally arrives at the house, augmented-reality apps such as Santa Spy Cam and Kringl can superimpose moving footage of the red-suited one and his elves as they nip around leaving presents under the tree.”

This type of technology can be seen as a breath of fresh air, as us adults become more aware of the struggles that couriers face at this time year – as well as the on-going reports regarding the shortage of drivers.

Of course, Royal Mail is at the heart of the recruitment news regarding its need for new staff to meet the demand for online deliveries since Black Friday. However, the heart-warming truth is that the internet hasn’t entirely killed the tradition of writing letters to Santa Claus. In the report, Crookes refers to Morag Turnbull, the Deputy Head of External Relations at Royal Mail;

“Of course, millions of children still do these things… [Morag Turnbull] says that the number of letters addressed to Father Christmas rose from 400,000 in 2013 to 600,000 last year, showing that the seasonal service […] remains popular.”

The craze of online shopping does pose the irony that, of course, we need more drivers as one man can’t deliver them all, but then it’s the joy and excitement such advancements can bring that also make the internet a wonderful tool for this time of year.