Skilled Worker Shortage Causes Concern as Early Retirement Increases

Recruitment blog Business Quarter released a blog post on Friday based on a report that highlights the shortage of skilled workers due to the early retirement of senior staff.

A recent report claims that ‘…a third of people in the UK planned to retire early’ with ‘Those in London, Belfast and Liverpool most likely to retire early…’ which raised concerns of who will replace those leavers based on the reduction in skilled workers across the UK.

There have been many reports over the last few years about the reduction in skilled workers and the decline in people opting for certain careers. One industry that is often in the spotlight, especially towards the latter end of the year, is the transport and logistics industry.

With the current reliance on the older generation, there are some worries that the talent for roles such as LGV drivers, trades such as plumbers, electricians and technicians, as well as those within caring occupations, will dwindle.

With people living longer these days, it’s easy to understand why they want to use this time to their advantage and retire earlier. Of course, the impact this is being felt across different industries and may start to have an impact on the economy as we lose skills from certain areas.

At Pertemps, we provide a whole range of opportunities for people to undertake training, especially in our driving division. We provide training courses for those interested in pursuing a career and have even worked with big name drivers like Tom Ingram to promote this type of career.

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