The Job Seekers Ultimate Toolkit

We’ve collected the most important resources to create a toolkit that you’ll need to kick-start your job search and keep you organised when you clinch that all important interview.

Cover Letter & CV Template:

To DownloadClick Here

To DownloadClick Here

The first thing you need to start your job search is the perfect cover letter and CV. There is lots of advice for what to include on your CV but not all of the templates are easily editable. We’ve produced 3x great examples here if you want something a little different.

Job Application Tracker

If you’re serious about your job search, then you’ll be applying for many different jobs, so you need to keep track. Don’t let yourself down by going for the same role twice - download our tracker sheet to keep a note of all the applications, positions, companies and successes of your job search.

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Telephone Interview Prep

The first stage may be a phone interview, which can pose different challenges when compared to a face-to-face interview. Tips to Remember:

  • Make sure you have phone signal
  • Arrange to take the call in a quiet place
  • Prepare your questions
  • Prepare your answers
  • Have your CV / Cover letter to hand

Interview Outfits

Knowing what to wear for an interview is tricky, but we’ve provided some options depending on what role you’re applying for.

Remember: If you’re unsure, ask!

Take a look through our series of videos for more tips on applying for jobs online, impressing employers at interviews and showing off key skills if your experience is limited.

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