The Owl Story (Part 2) – Open your eyes to a world of jobs

Wise Old Father Owl was, as the name suggests, very wise. However, even he was not too old or too wise to learn.



After growing increasingly frustrated by what he saw as a lack of job-hunting activity from his son Percy he decided to step in:

“Son, I’ve been watching you for the last few days and haven’t once seen you leave our home in the tree. I thought we’d agreed you would fly the nest and become a working owl?”

Percy smiled and replied:

“Wise Old Father Owl, have you never heard of the internet? Nowadays, Pertemps has every available job online on their website. You can even find career advice and useful information on their Facebook and Twitter sites. I uploaded my CV yesterday and I’ve already been invited to branch for an introductory interview with a consultant.”

Wise Old Father Owl’s eyes grew even bigger and even wider in astonishment.

“Wow! That is easy,” he said.

“Maybe I should see if they have any part-time work for an old owl? A night-time security guard perhaps? I certainly have the eyes for it!”

They both laughed.



To be continued…




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