The Owl Story (Part 3) – A home from home

When Percy got the call inviting him into the Pertemps branch for an introductory interview he was at first a little confused:


“What branch is it in particular?” asked the young owl, “I’m currently sat on the long branch on the oak tree that overlooks the lake. Is it a branch on a tree that is nearby?”

The consultant was, of course, referring to the nearest high street branch of Pertemps and not the type of branch Percy had grown accustomed to over the years.


His uncertainty was nothing new to the Pertemps consultant. Every day of the week she spoke to candidates, some experienced jobseekers and some new to the game, many of whom were unsure of what the process entailed.


As on every occasion before however, the consultant put Percy’s mind to rest within minutes. He was asked about the kind of work he would be interested in trying, what hours would suit his lifestyle and whether he required any additional training. But more than that, the consultant got to know Percy as an owl.  They chatted freely about his hobbies and interests and by the end of the phone call, Percy really felt like he had found a new friend.


On the day of the interview at branch Percy felt calm and full of confidence. He was greeted warmly by the Pertemps team who sat him down and got to start on finding him the perfect job.


He may no longer have been sat on his tree branch, but Percy felt just at home.


To be continued…




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