The Owl Story (Part 5) – Percy is flapping

A very nervous Percy stepped through the front doors of Meriden Hall for his interview and was immediately greeted by a very cheery receptionist.

“Good morning Sir. Welcome to Pertemps, how may I help you?” said Tereska the receptionist.

“Good morning. I’m here for my interview. My name is Percy. I’m a little nervous….”, said the young owl.


“Oh no need to be Percy. Everyone here is very nice and being a family owned company we take every measure to find right person for the job. I’m sure you will do great”, she said giving him a warm smile.

Percy felt better already. Tereska brought him a glass of water and his nerves calmed with every sip.  A few minutes later, the door opposite opened and a man in a very nice blue suit said, “We’re ready for you Percy”. The young owl stood up, took a deep breath and walked towards the open door.

To be continued…


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