The Owl Story (Part 6) – Percy shows off his best traits

Percy had been nervous in the days leading up to interview.

When the big day came around, the nerves didn’t last for long.

Prior to the interview getting underway, he sat and remembered all of the interview tips his dedicated recruitment consultant from Pertemps had provided to him over the phone and during his initial branch meeting.

Percy had also taken the consultant’s advice and researched everything about the company.

Pertemps’ consultants know a thing or two about preparing for interviews.

They are able to help any candidate get interview - ready in no time at all – even if an individual has never been for a job interview before.

They are also experts at bringing out a candidate’s best attributes.

With the help of Pertemps, all of Percy’s owl traits came to the fore during his interview: he was wise, serene, intelligent and calm. He also used his keen hearing skills to listen carefully to each question asked. Percy’s forward facing eyes were attentive and welcoming. He was intuitive and focused.

After leaving the interview, Percy received a call from his recruitment consultant – a common practice at Pertemps.

“How did it go today at the interview Percy?” asked the consultant.

“Well, my head was spinning last night – 270 degrees!” said Percy, “and my wings were all of a flap.”

“But thanks to Pertemps, I was able to show all of my owl qualities to the interviewer. I’m feeling quietly confident.”


To be continued…



For interview advice see here or find your nearest Pertemps branch here and they will be able to help you.