Top employers urged to 'tune into talent' and let the abilities of their workers drive their organisations to success

Many executives are worried that their businesses are not flexible enough to focus on their own unique needs and are happy to meet 'best practice' standards, according to an expert.

Anna Marie Detert, UK Lead for Talent at KPMG, says British firms must challenge their tendencies to mimic or adopt the "latest fad or fancy" and act to find and develop new business talent to spur them on to success.

In her Tune in to Talent white paper, Detert says many companies are failing to fully tailor their business approaches to suit their individual needs and stifling innovation and it is causing frustration and impacting on confidence in boardrooms.

KPMG, a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services and the Economist Intelligence Unit recently published a study that revealed that less than a quarter of company CEOs and directors of British firms were confident that their human resources (HR) and recruitment staff were excelling in 'preparing for a changing workforce or 'sourcing key talent' for their organisations.

Detert is advising businesses and their increasingly frustrated leaders to understand, find and develop the kind of staff they need rather than "dive straight in" and resort to "best practice" methods of recruitment. She suggests that it is far better for HR teams to "stand back" and consider their strategic talent needs, the skills they require, how many staff members they need and where they should be working.

Other useful questions businesses should be asking themselves are what exactly are the key talent risks they face, whether success is more likely to happen by nurturing existing talent or bringing it in from elsewhere and whether they have the kind of infrastructure in their organisation capable of determining talent and allowing their best members of staff to progress in their careers.

The answers to these questions, according to Detert, can help business bosses "tune into talent" and devise plans that are uniquely suitable to their organisations. She added that armed with this information HR teams can create a "unique talent playlist" to fill jobs and complement the "character, culture and mood" of their businesses.

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