TV Work Romances You Wish You Had

Office romances are often seen as taboo within the workplace; some companies even forbid them entirely. That said, there are some fictional romances that show that actually, love within the workplace can make those tougher days just a little bit easier.

JD / Turk -

One a surgeon and the other a nerdy doctor - what more could you want in a work romance? Whether you’ve watched the TV comedy series or not, you’ll recognise this duo, which launched what we now know as a ‘bro-mance’. The show tried to focus on the relationship between JD and Elliot, but viewers became more invested in the love between these two besties.

Dawn / Tim -

The ultimate office romance of any other that has been on TV, the budding affections of Dawn and Tim ended with her finally ditching her less than savoury fiancee and sweeping Tim off his feet. It was as real as a fictional work relationship can be, and everyone jumped for joy when Tim finally got his girl - romance at its finest.

Rachel Green / Tag -

It’s easy to forget that Rachel only hired Tag for his gorgeous looks, but they developed an endearing relationship. It may not have ended too well, but they made it work in the office despite the issue of hierarchy. This is possibly one of the few flings that have caused little drama so it’s a good example of how to keep things professional - sort of.

Mr Burns / Smithers

This was more of a love/hate relationship, but the affection from Monty Burns and Waylon Smithers was undeniable. Whether it was supporting his ludicrous management style or taking him to appointments, Smithers was the ultimate softy, but Mr Burns also paid some affections - even if his intentions were for different reasons.