Ethical Trading Policy

We have always prided ourselves in taking an ethical stance in the way we manage our workforce and candidates from initial sourcing to assignment / placement.

Our legal responsibilities under the varied acts and regulations are that as an employment agency / employment business we are required to comply with, form the basis for our policies and procedures and serve to reinforce what we consider to be a moral code of conduct that should be applied at all times and in every aspect of our business.

Our Ethical Trading Policy is based on the premise that we believe it is our duty as the employer to operate in our workers’ best interests at all times. Pertemps policy for Ethical Trading includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Flexible Employees have the right to freely select or reject assignments and are not solely committed to working for Pertemps.
  2. Workers have the right to join trade unions and Pertemps will support workers who wish to pay for membership via their wages by making the necessary deductions on their behalf.
  3. Working conditions must be safe and hygienic at all times and Pertemps visit all client sites with this aim. Pertemps fully supports every workers right to reject / terminate an assignment due to concerns over health & safety and we will work with all clients to ensure all concerns are raised, addressed and resolved.
  4. Pertemps will assess every worker’s English language skills to ensure that the level of spoken English is at a required standard both from a communication perspective and to satisfy Health & Safety requirements.
  5. Pertemps will not employ Children under any circumstances and will not place candidates under 18 into assignments without prior permission from the client and without having verified that all legislative requirements have been met.
  6. All pay rates and salaries will be appropriate to the role being carried out and in any case will as a minimum meet the rates determined by the Government for National Minimum Wage.
  7. Pertemps will not combine hourly pay and holiday pay, but will accrue a fixed percentage of the hourly pay on the workers behalf to be paid in line with our holiday pay policy and at the worker’s discretion.
  8. Pertemps will never charge workers unnecessary fees for payroll services, translation services etc.
  9. Pertemps will never inflate fees for licences or certificates required by law to carry out work. Wherever possible, Workers will pay the relevant government departments directly for all UK licenses, permits etc. however should Pertemps ever be required to pay on behalf of the Worker, any monies deducted from pay will always equal the actual monies paid by Pertemps.
  10. Pertemps may on occasion facilitate the introduction of foreign workers to local Landlords, Doctors etc. however we will never mandate the use of certain accommodation, and workers will be encouraged to make comparisons and exercise their right to choice.
  11. Working hours will be a maximum of 48 hours per week unless candidates opt out at their own discretion. Overtime will be offered if available but never mandated. Wherever possible premiums will be paid for Overtime and Unsocial hours.
  12. No discrimination is practised whatsoever in the registration of candidates or selection for assignment and workers will be selected according to skills, suitability, experience and availability as appropriate. 13. Harsh or inhumane treatment is strictly forbidden and workers who encounter verbal or physical abuse; harassment; intimidation or any form of threatening behaviour in the workplace will be given Pertemps’ full support to take appropriate action.

Our Ethical Trading Policy is fully supported by all members of staff. Pertemps are registered under the Gangmaster Licencing Act 2004. Our certificate no. is PERT0001.