Pertemps are keen to ensure that our representation of ethnic minorities working both for us and through us is reflective of the community as our continued success as an organisation is also dependent on our understanding and delivering on the differing needs of the community in which we operate.

As an organisation we work to ensure that all our employees maximise their potential and their contribution to the company by valuing the differences between individuals and the different qualities they bring to their jobs. This leads to the development of a more rewarding and productive environment where employee morale increases, attrition decreases - ultimately resulting in a positive effect on the company’s bottom line.

Client and Candidate focus

Pertemps work with our clients to ensure their staff are selected on competencies, and help them understand that a culturally diverse workforce will give them increased flexibility, efficiency and productivity.

Pertemps also help clients comply with UK and European legislation. Clients look to us to advise them on diversity and to provide them with a more multi-cultural work force and often struggle to attract ethnic minority talent to meet their own diversity requirements.