Exciting Changes Coming to Pertemps Network Group

It’s no secret that Pertemps is one of the most established independent recruitment agencies within the UK and has always strived to provide the best service to our customers and clients. To ensure we continue to do this, we’ve decided to go under construction – with the launch of a brand new website.

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What’s changing?

The biggest change is that, for the first time online, all sides of the Pertemps Network Group will be accessible from the same website. This change is to unite the areas of the business and become a one-stop solution for all our customers’ recruitment needs.
For our clients, we’re aiming to provide a one-stop solution to all recruitment requirements, whether this is for temporary or permanent positions, full time or part time. Another big change is that we’re expanding our services to find skilled workers including teachers, nurses and construction professionals to fill those specialist vacancies, so you can utilise our expertise to suit your business needs.
But our candidates don’t need to worry as we’ve got solutions to help them find their perfect role too. By combining all areas of our company, you’ll have exposure to all of the jobs available across the entire network group. 

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What’s improving?

There are a few areas that we’re looking to improve, such as how users interact with the website to search for roles, as well as the CV upload feature for creating exposure to suitable companies and sectors.
We’re also giving more to our clients by showcasing our successes and statistics within a modern blog, which will be filled with interview hints, tips and exciting opportunities, as well as updates within our industry as a whole.
Finally, with the launch of the new Pertemps website in the New Year, our candidates will also benefit from the ability to tailor their own profile to showcase their skills and interests to prospective new employers; taking the stress out of finding suitable vacancies.

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What’s next?

As we’re ever evolving, we want to offer more to those that have helped us develop into the company we are today. By combining all avenues of the business, we can make the journey, for companies and clients alike, efficient and enjoyable at every step.
We may be making new steps but our traditional values will always remain, so Pertemps will be upholding the services provided for over 50 years. If you’re as excited as we are, click here for a better career and discover more from our new website - additionally, please don’t hesitate to provide feedback to help us evolve our online services further.