Common CV Mistakes

We spend a lot of time sifting through the thousands of CVs we receive every month. There are a few common mistakes that come up time after time, so here’s what you need to be avoiding.


Many candidates spend a lot of time and go to great lengths to talk about the responsibilities they have in their current position but fail to mention any results or achievements.

Potential employers want to know what makes you stand out above the rest so make sure you include your results – numbers and stats speak volumes for the value you can add to a business.


Don’t try to be too smart with the language you use, the art of being a good communicator is to talk to your potential audience not to try and baffle them to show how clever you are! So, short, precise, be clear and factual and use numbers and stats wherever possible to really grab attention.


Don’t leave any gaps in your CV or it may appear you have something to hide. There is no issue in having a year off, being out of work or being made redundant, just put a brief explanation on your CV.


If you have profiles on LinkedIn or Facebook make sure they are up to date and locked down to a level where you don’t mind people seeing them.