Pertemps celebrate Reserves Day | Pertemps

Reserves Day is a biggie in our events calendar here at Pertemps and this year we’ve enjoyed a variety of fun activities to celebrate.

Over the years, Pertemps has developed a close relationship with the Ministry of Defence due to our proactive work in finding reservists and ex-soldiers driving jobs. After being awarded with the Gold Award, the MOD’s highest recognition for employer support, the business has always actively championed the work of reservists by organising fundraising events and activities over Reserves Week.

This year, some of our courageous Pertemps employees took part in a three-day Army Reserve challenge which has so far raised a huge £2,500 for charity. The challenge was jam-packed full of drill exercises and command tasks where logic, problem solving and stamina were tested. It was an ideal chance for employees to improve on team building while getting a true taste of life as a reservist.

Juliette Haines, Senior Graphic Designer at Pertemps, said: “Despite the many bruises, scrapes and aches, this was one experience I will never forget. I feel proud to have been able to challenge myself and really come out of my comfort zone.
“My favourite moments were sleeping out in the woods and cooking my rations over a camp fire. I also enjoyed the medic exercise, which, like something out of Casualty, I had to rescue someone from a van that had crashed into a verge. Carrying a rifle through an assault course, I then had to shoot a pistol at a target at the end, totally out of breath!”

Jordan Lucid, Information Analyst, said: “The challenge was such an inspirational experience; I learnt loads of new skills and expanded my knowledge in the short time I spent with the Army Reserves. In fact, I enjoyed it that much that I have actually signed up to join them! Some of the other employees who attended have signed up too – so it now seems we have our very own Pertemps Platoon.”

Branches across the UK are supporting the work reservists do too by hosting fundraising coffee mornings, with Pertemps matching the highest-raising branch up to £500.

The Pertemps Driving Division provide reservists with a flexible civilian LGV driving career, fitting perfectly around reserve service. The team help reservists across the country to gain their Driver CPC qualification and offer free commercial LGV familiarisation training.

Open to both experienced and inexperienced army reserve LGV drivers, our scheme is designed to provide reserve soldiers with a flexible civilian LGV driving career that goes hand-in-hand with life in the Army Reserves – it really is ‘best of both worlds.’

To find out more about the work Pertemps do with Army Reserves, head to