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Birmingham Industrial Consultant Paul Heard flew the flag for Pertemps on BBC Breakfast recently as he was interviewed by presenter Mike Bushell all about his passion, cycle speedway.

Paul Heard in a cycle speedway race

Paul, who is not only a Pertemps Consultant but also the Cycle Speedway Great British Captain, was invited along to Coventry to take part in a training session for young and experienced riders.

Mike Bushell, famously known for trying as many new sports as possible on the early morning Saturday show, tried his hand at the fast-paced sport and chatted to members of the Coventry Club, as well as to our very own Paul donning the full Pertemps branded kit.

So, what exactly is cycle speedway? The sport took off in UK bomb cities amongst the rubble after WW2. Children began riding their bikes around debris and started to race each other for fun. As cities were rebuilt post-war, tracks disappeared. That’s when purpose built tracks began to appear all around the country.

Paul began racing at the age of 13 after his dad took him to a local track. He said: “I instantly took a shine to it. I spent years trying to find a sport that suited me as I never enjoyed playing football or cricket, I always wanted something with more of an adrenaline rush.”

Paul Heard racing in cycle speedway

Throughout the years Paul has taken part in competitions all over the world and climbed the ranks in the sport. In 2015, aged 22, he was made GB’s youngest ever captain after securing the Ashes series victory over Australia. More recently, Paul and the GB team won on Polish soil ahead of the World Championships in November.

The BBC Breakfast coverage gave cycle speedway exposure and a chance to raise awareness of the sport. Paul said: “We’re trying to add a bit of flair to cycle speedway and get people involved from all sorts of age groups. It’s far more accessible for parents as they don’t have to worry about their children being on the back of a motorbike.”

Pertemps have supported Paul since he joined Birmingham Industrial in 2011 and wish him the best of luck for his future in the sport.

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