Pertemps raise over £1,700 for Increase the Peace | Pertemps

Pertemps Driver Training and the Pertemps Gloucester Recruitment team completed a ‘Marathon in the Malverns’ this weekend, raising over £1,700 for local charity, Increase the Peace.

Pertemps raises money for charity


Starting at a small village in Worcestershire, the team battled hills and slopes for 13 miles before reaching their campsite. After a night under the stars, they were up and out for a further 13-mile trek over the steep inclines of the Malvern Hills.

Although challenging, the event pushed the team outside of their comfort zones and was a lot of fun. Achy joints and blistered feet were a common complaint in the last few miles, however the team crossed the finish line all together on Sunday afternoon, right on schedule.

Samantha Earl, General Manager, said: “I am proud of each and every one of my team. Everyone pulled together to get the job done, held each other up and kept each other laughing. I have such a strong team. I left our event rather sore, but full of pride. We have raised a great amount of money for a very deserving, local cause.”

Increase the Peace is a non-profit organisation established in Gloucester in 2007. Initially, it provided a youth club provision two times a week, but since then it has experienced rapid growth and is now more than just a youth club.  

The charity works in partnership with parents, carers, schools and other organisations to provide an invaluable service to the community. The team dedicate their time to hold a variety of fun events around art, sport, music, healthy eating and how to play a positive role in the community. However, after their application for further funding was turned down earlier this year, Increase the Peace face a tricky situation and have had to temporarily suspend some of their services.

The Pertemps team raised a huge £1,700 for the charity, who is extremely grateful for their fundraising efforts. Congratulations to everyone involved! 

There is still time to donate; head to for more information.